Musinga Drama Group International [Drama/Film] Festival

The Musinga Drama Group International (MDGI) in what many have described as a mighty stay-on come back, recently hosted a two day Drama and Film Festival. Holding in the prestigious tourist destination- Mountain Hotel Buea, Cameroons pioneer theatre troupe kept the audience in tight suspense and dramatic flair as they watched the 90mins “The Challenge of Fende” play.

The Challenge of Fende (Synopsis)

Fende, affianced to Dr. Mapito, successfully convinces her parents not to collect bride price on her. Viewing this as some kind-of double dealing by Fend’s family members as well as a challenge to the custom of paying bride-price in Kokobuma village, the greedy relatives of Fende grant her wish but secretly vow to bring sorrow in her matrimonial home.

Nevertheless, the survival of a male child to the Mapitos after a long drawn battle between tradition and modernity, shows how tradition can give way to modernity through careful and respectful intervention of all those involved.

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The high point of this Festival came in the group’s announcement and acted-upon intentions to not only do traditional stage play, but also incorporate film – Musinga Explosive Pictures.

Worthy of the new era, meeting up timely with the new shifts in entertainment, the Musinga Drama Group International in Musinga Explosive Pictures thrilled the audience with breathe taking excepts of their first complete film – The Incorruptible Climate Change.

The Incorruptible Climate Change (Insight)

Komboh and Mbomo, twin villages bordering the sea, all the years flourish in the fish business as well as cash and food crops. Then suddenly discover the fishes in the sea disappear at an alarming rate. The crops also dry up under an unexplained scorching heat of the sun.

Joint traditional rites are performed by the twin villages to arrest the situation; instead it grows worse. Hunger invades the villages and gradually extends to the city.

Meanwhile, a business magnate in installing trawlers in the sea, scoops the sea of fishes of all sizes. His immoral action coincides with this unexplained phenomenon and which motivates the youths to hold a demonstration march to the Administrative Authorities.

Investigation reveals an act of God which cannot be diverted or controlled by neither man nor ancestors, and cannot be corrupted.

The Authorities, however, suggest ways to keep up with this situation. For the business magnate, he takes refuge abroad.


The two day Festival (4th and 5th , June 2014) also presented an opportunity for the audience and fans of MDGI to celebrate the Eko Prize for Literature 2012, awarded to the founder-producer-director of the group: Victor Elame Musinga, by Eko Foundation: An Educational Foundation incorporated in the State of IOWA City-USA and Anglopone Cameroon Writers Association.


The Musinga Drama Group International- MDGI also known as Musinga Explosive Pictures; undoubtedly a renowned Drama Group has been existing for close to fifty (50) years; since 1965, with focus on Cameroon and African play setting. It is also presently into TV Film production.

This pioneer English-speaking Drama Group develops themes focused on Cameroon socio-cultural and political life as a way of educating and entertaining. Seven (7) times Cameroon’s National champion in Drama; it also has an international reputation, having performed severally in International cultural events such as (FESTAC 77) in Lagos-Nigeria, 4th National Black Festival in Atlanta-USA, 1994.

The Founder-Producer-Director of the group has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the growth of drama in Cameroon, nay Africa, and has also received two (2) international Awards (2008 and 2012) from USA.

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ROYALTY Breakfast: Taking business another ‘plus’ step

On March 29th 2014, a group of young Cameroonians gathered for the premier of the Royalty Business Breakfast in Buea. This event with the soul aim of reenacting a new vibe in business, especially with young visionaries brought together some major players in respect.


Wango Boris speaking at the breakfast

Wango Boris speaking at the breakfast











The Breakfast had in attendance and active participation one of Cameroon’s foremost artist (painter), Max Lyonga, who did not hesitate sharing his experience with all those present. ‘To him, it is passion first before business’.

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Also present as speaker at the event was Tem Martin, writer and journalist.

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Holding in one of Buea’s prestigious restaurants’, Rhema Restaurant in Molyko, the business breakfast charted a new way for business in Cameroon.

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Lake Kumba (Lake of the Elephants) or Lake Barombi Mbo are all appellations to undoubtedly one of Cameroons most fascinating, eye-catching and luring tourists’ destinations, found in Meme Division, South West region of the country. The name ‘Lake of the Elephants’ dates far back to the period of German colonisation of the country in 1884. Upon discovery of the lake, it was home to elephants which have now been extinct because of uncontrolled ivory trade.

Lake Barombi Mbo as is fondly called is an active strato-volcano- tectonic host (a crater lake) which is part of the ‘Cameroonian line’ (Ligne du Cameroon).  This  line runs N30°E from the Gulf of Guinea to Lake Chad and even as far as the Tibesti region which is part of a mobile hinge zone between West and Central Africa passing through the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Chad on close to 1200 kilometers, across the Gulf of Guinea and the Republic of Cameroon.

Egg-shaped, this water mass comparing to no other lake in the country covers a diameter of over 2500m (a 50 km by 35 base measures) that is, some 453 hectares and has an average depth of 111m. Many attempts at getting to the bottom of this lake have proven futile; reason why the actual depth has never being known.  To the base of the lake is found the Mt. Roumpi basalt and the trachyte at the summit.

The over 200 friendly Barombi Mbo natives use the Lake for varied cultural activities; the canoe race for example.  There exist strong beliefs in the existence of a “Mammy water” goddess in the lake that gives protection and directs activities around the area. Some natives claim the calm of the lake is good for the water goddess. Reason why according to some non- Barombi natives, Barombi indigents have voted negative to the use of speed boats in the water. Some years back, the Kumba City Council had started plans to see how feasible it is that these speed boats and water Suzuki’s are used for to facilitate transportation across the river and for leaisure though with a crashed-end.

Besides its cultural significance, the lake provides food for the predominantly fishing community. Lake Barombi is home to over 18 endemic species of plant and animal life found nowhere in the world. According to previous research on its rare aquatic life, four endemic fish species still survive in the lake: the Konia, with 2 of its kind (Myaka and Pungu) and the Stomatepia, red listed as critically endangered.

The Myaka Myaka, locally referred to as ‘Barombi fish’ is said to contain oil rich in nutrients and medicinal flowing especially from its head.  The Cichlids (locally named Konia dikume) has high haemoglobin concentrations making it good for people suffering from haemorrhage. The rich volcanic soil that covers the cultivable landscape favours the growth of plantains, cassava, etc, that present a mouth watering delicacy with fish.

For ages past, decades lived and centuries to come, the Lake will continue to serve fresh, clean drinking water to the people of Kumba and some neighbouring villages.

The great tourist potentials of Lake Barombi Mbo not only loll in the massive water body, large rocks and impressive caves, but more in forgotten German edifices. During German occupation of Cameroon in the 1880’s; they constructed what is now known as the ‘29 steps’ from the elevated rocks, some meters from the Government Residential Area (GRA)  residence of the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme. The stairs give quick access to the Lake and the hills serve a superb panoramic view of Kumba.

The high standing rocks adorned with weathered engravings of what is believed to be the World map drawn by the Germans, is another beauty to behold that greets all, before one can steal a view of the tepid waters.

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Stories Untold is a poem from a heart that celebrates the place of mans genuine involvement in the well being of neighbours and self. It expresses thoughts of love, truth, fortitude, purpose and choice, both in humans and nature alike.

This poem is important to me because it voices out the mute words, desires and ‘ought-to-be’ that human’s find themselves in great contention every day.

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“You should have been there. Come! See the ladies do their magic on the runway. The cat-walk, oh! What gait? What pose on the red-carpet?”

On April 28th 2012, Cameroon crowned the first ever Miss Diligent Africa in a fierce contest where each step counts and each step tells a story of the vigour in a diligent African woman.

Miss Eweli Helen was named winner of this maiden edition of Miss Diligent Africa, being the leader of 12 potential diligent women who all clamoured for 1st position…..Miss Diligent Africa 2012

Stoic, industrious, loving and God fearing is the Diligent African Woman.”

Miss Diligen Africa Pageant Cameroon like many other African initiatives – has come to join in making more audible – the African Woman’s Voice. This now annual contest of beauty and virtues African qualities presents ladies with the unique opportubnity at the national and international scenes to make positive and sustainable change.

Reasons why the fall outs of the competition go beyond a days event. It goes beyond some catch – cash price, a crown and a trophy. In her one year tenue, the Diligen woman undertakes projects that benefit society in all facets as need be.

With a special concern for the underprivileged and those in ardent need, Miss Eweli Helen in her fast fading office made visits to the Mount Mary Hospital and the Hotpec orphanage all in Buea. Besides these and some other activities and involvements that characterize such an office, the epic of her moment-of-contribution is evident in the organization of the Diligent African Women’s Forum. The forum brought to the talking table, ladies of high standing and a counterpart – much younger generation – who aspire for a worthy tomorrow.

With discussions on the theme: Diligence at the forefront of Development, and through interactive panels, young girls/participants from mainly the university community of Buea had the opportubity to share in who a diligent woman is, her influence as role model, challenges girls face growing up/living in cosmopolitan areas and, women and the media (especially the internet). …Pics

According to the CEO of Inspire me brand, Miss Manka Mercy Shu, the 2013 edition of the Miss competition would be moving in theme from millennium development goas to millennium sustainable development goals, and in geographical coverage from just Cameroon to encompass other African counties: Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Equitorial Guinea at both national and international levels.

Running under the theme: African Women at the forefront of sustainability: water, food, energy nexus, the African Woman is taking central stage in the development of her community.

– Her smiles so luring, breathing hope to her family, children and husband. She is the voice of tomorrow.-


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