Just a street chat (Wrestling Climate)

I was discussing with a very good friend yesterday in Molyko, Buea – Cameroon, about how hot the town has become even for some of us who are cold blooded. We were preoccupied with the basic stimulants of climate change and what defiles ‘earnest’ possibilities in combating the phenomenon. And we noted that, climate change and its concomitant effects are a done deal; it’s as real as Jesus knowing He was going to die.

Our first preoccupation was the ever increasing population in Buea, especially the Molyko area. Increase in population brings along increase in human activities, need for transportation – cars at the least, increase housing with direct cutting of forest. As we probed to correlate whether increase in population should directly cause changes in climate, as I had opined, my friend held that lack of proper urban planning in Buea, like is consistent with many towns in Cameroon is first to blame for rising temperatures in the city.

Both points of view are true. Accepting that saved us the trouble of emitting more heat on a boundless argument. So we had more time to attend to other twigs.

At the rear from where we stood, to catch a breath from navigating smoking streets, was a double chimney jeep. Then the thought came through…

Masango loved the ride, saying it’s a great way to celebrate success. Yes it definitely is! Can you stop a young man who just made his first million after 7 years of hard work in a rock-freeze economy from getting a sweet wheel? No you wouldn’t. I bet if he had his way, he would have loved to ride in an electric car. If only the taxes on importation and clearing would have served him that privilege, nor are there infrastructure to make do such.

Somehow, we were getting lost in the talks coupled with the sounds of high celebrations from the speakers in the car. Frustrated with every thought, Masango and I didn’t think talking about the multinationals on the gas and electric debates would serve a good snack.

The debate on climate race, sorry, climate change passively swarms in desires for greater industrialization. Africa has watched for decades how beautifully the West has developed and is very poised to being that. Very few, and especially those who really can’t change policy, are thinking on how well sustainably this transition can be made. Guarantors of the ‘good life’ aren’t addressing very basic issues! All that seems palpable is viewing a skyline adorned with towering lights. After all, such generations would have long gone before dooms day? Or rather, it would really be stupid to question them that pay the most taxes.

Hmm! As we took some more steps before our destination, there were no better thoughts save the view of fermenting streets and interlaced negatives.

Someday as we both agreed, we also will love to get married, make babies, buy cars, build houses, own industries – even air lines and shipping firms. We sure couldn’t agree on how well to address the climate issue seeing we had such desires too.

A fitting peroration to our 15 minutes’ walk would be to think positive, hoping our humanity and yours, can find a place to make peace with our reality. A reality which we think, says mankind has destroyed earth. It’s simple, the rate of carbon emissions ‘tetracedes’ best efforts made to salvage dooms day. In any case, lets keep trying! And for those who don’t believe in miracles, a miracle is what we need. The kind that affirms that only nature can sustain nature. And like Victor Musinga vividly describes, the Climate Change is incorruptible.

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Girls, Women, Mothers

They watch helpless at the front lines,
Abashed in pain of what
Their nine months travail has borne.
They glower in frustration, how
Their young men kill their friend’s father,
And their mothers husband.

They mourn because they understand…
Tomorrow when their sons have become
Men, husbands and fathers,
Their friend’s sons would make their wives widows.

They watch in agony, how their
Young men rape their friend’s sister,
Hoping their sister’s stay unhurt?

See them: girls, women and mothers;
Soaked in horrified thoughts of what pregnancy has birth.
Somehow, they have no regrets! For children,
Are blessings from God.
And with earnest cry and prayer from a mother,
There’s hope for a better tomorrow.

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Something About Love

For the lingering mind,
for the present testing and
run away sensation

If I told you I understand what love is, then I lied! For it is by far the most complex of subjects I’ve ever encountered since my existence.

I would take you on your advice.
I must do all to not appear nice, for many woremongers take it for granted.
They trample shamelessly upon my benevolent heart;
for thinking meekly, they make me thy foot rest.

Never again I kept telling me,
Always still, I fell in comforting arms?
Arms that wasted not to strangle joys off me.
I’ve been a fool. Yes I know!
No amount of telling can convince differently.

Yet they remain bed fellows: true love and foolishness; for,
Show me true love and I’ll show you foolishness.

There’s nothing more to tell,
Safe to bath the bathe of those who have walked this lane before me.

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If I Must Wait

It will not be love,
if I coerce you to come
with me in this journey.
For one thing, it’s going to be
a challenging one;
As it will be exciting.

Confidence, is a symbol of hope
Keeping us afloat in our weaknesses.
And the doses, come with the tide,
though for some, alternatives have stolen
every joyful content.

Truth, is coated in many shades;
the subtle and the mix. And,
however it plays, remains the Providence of the bearer, for the most part!

Through the days now past,
the times called current and
moments in lucid tomorrow,
I pray I have no part in restive calm.

What is, should or could be…
Never tender on minds apart.
If pictures have strength in buried burrows,
then thoughts know no distance.

Thoughts of the home coming,
Sojourner or passers-by,
Are ever mirrored in glee
by the house keeper.

If I must wait;
Let it be in your arms,
Let it be in your eyes,
Let it be in your heart.

If I must wait;
make the times sealed,
Put on your coat,
ready your purse
make no reservations…
Just wait on, with me!

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Speak up the fighter in You!

If you need a challenge,
I bring you one!
If you thought laurels are commendations,
This defies it all!

Some are just strange warriors;
Waring for the Kingdom of Yeshua.
She keeps me on my toes:
In health or in pain,
her passion is unwavering.

‘No rest’ she says, until the days work is done.
‘No rest’ she says, until the assignment is done.

Her Bible, her jotter, her pen
These companions, her rear delicacy.
Penning every whisper from the throne room
Making songs for the Father, You and I.

Speak up the fighter in you,
Speak it loud!
Speak it clear!

Keep the fire burning,
Fighting through, every day.
The prize is a fight away;
Fight in the finished works of Christ.

Speak up the fighter in you!

For Mummy Rev. Mbonteh Kelly H.

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Modelled in You

We’re gathered yet again,
for another blissful reminder
of our Saviour’s birth –
Jesus the King.
King of the Jews
King of the Gentals
King of all mankind

Jesus, born in a manger
Not on a Monday, nor
that the day really matters.
Wrapped in swaddling cloths,
our Saviour dear;
In the stable, Meek and lowly,
that to us, humility should
inspire our glorious lives.

Dear Jesus, Emmanuel!
In you our hope and joy,
The source of our peace.
God, you came, in the brightness
ofe us – in your son – Jesus
Dwells the fullness of life.

Oh! What life?
Such life, divine.
Handed to us, in baby Jesus.
As we remember your birth,
In this season of thanks
and celebrations, may our
lives be modelled in You.


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Kings Night Gospel Musical Concert

#Since 2013

First Edition


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